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I've Learned

I’ve learned that tearing people down with words is a reflection of the person whose mouth 👄 it comes from. We know words are powerful! If we know the damage speaking negatively will do, why not lift up by speaking positively; knowing the positive impact that it will have! I choose to speak positively even when I see otherwise! I’ve learned to not give hurt in exchange for hurt! Instead the best response and gift to both me/you & them is forgiveness. I’ve learned that avoiding behaviors does not make the underlying issue go away, so why not deal with it at the root! Now that doesn’t mean go digging up things unless you are willing to dig deep within. It’s easy to point out and recognize faults in others, however when it comes to ourselves our pen is out of ink and the pencil point is broken! I’ve learned that you can only teach people something in the capacity that they are willing to learn. We must study to grow & to know. We cannot teach what we don’t know, nor can we preach what we do not practice.

I’ve learned that we all have issues that affect us all in different ways. If there is one whom thinks they are perfect without spot or blemish physically, mentally or spiritually, perhaps their self-evaluation needs to be reassessed.

I’ve learned that is OK to love, and there are many that we will have to love from a distance because we must guard our heart, our space, our mental and physical health.

I’ve learned to be ok with not fitting in, because there are just some places that are not meant for us to fit in, some spaces are too small while other space is too large and no one that can actually fill the position in the vacant area/space.

Out of all that I have learned it’s my prayer & hope that many others can learn from not only my experiences but from their own!

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