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General Information


The iCoach Business 3-part Series is designed to inspire, motivate and help aspiring and newly entrepreneurs create their vision and or enhance their business with basic business principles. The 3-part series will outline the basic principles that are sometimes overlooked or not incorporated.  We know that as business is started and progresses, making changes is vital depending on the needs of the target market.  In Business we want to also ensure that the business owners are not neglecting their personal needs in the process. We want you to create a WIN/WIN= a win for both you and your clients/customers!   

Expectations and Goals

The expectation is that by the end of each workshop you will have some tips, tools and resources that you can incorporate and or utilize for the success of your business.  Being engaged, asking questions and doing the work will compliment your current processes or cause you to make necessary changes (where applicable).  The goal is to help you get clear on your vision, set short term reachable/ attainable goals; all while doing what you love(passion) and being financially rewarded in the process.

**In 2023 we will have our one day Intensive where you will get all three workshops in 1 day.

**Bring iCoach business series to your group-inquire about our group workshops and rates.

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