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Patricia Lawrence is a Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Start-up Business Coach, aspiring Author and the CEO of Positive Motivation LLC.  She partners with CEOs, executives, solopreneurs, & aspiring entrepreneurs such as yourself, to start and grow their business from start to launch and ongoing.

Patricia Lawrence was born and raised in North Carolina.  She has three beautiful children who have motivated and molded her into the person that she has become. She gives God all of the credit for her life & success. She is thankful that God blessed her with a heart to sincerely help others. Patricia is very passionate about serving others both personally and professionally.

Patricia holds a BS in Social Work (BSW) from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University where she graduated 2006, she also holds a MS in Studies of Human Behavior from Capella University where she graduated in 2015. She received her life coach certification from Life Coach Training Institute in 2017 and is  currently obtaining a certification in  Entrepreneurship.  Her background in mental & developmental health, community support, & social services-as an Employment Social Worker (Work First formerly TANF), has afforded her the opportunity to work with & assist persons from all walks of life.  Patricia gained her business experience when she opened her first business in 2014 as a business owner within a cleaning franchise.  She took all that she learned and increased her knowledge by investing in coaches, mentors, courses, trainings, researching  and self- educating.  Positive Motivation LLC is a product of being built from scratch-which is what she teaches others. 


Before recognizing her calling to be a Mentor/ Coach, Patricia spent years wondering and seeking God to show her what her purpose was.  Patricia knew she had a passion for helping others and it shows in her personal life as well as her professional life.   Coaching is not simply Patricia’s profession, it is her life’s purpose!

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