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5 Tips for the part-time entrepreneur

1. Keep the same momentum-momentum matters. Keep the excitement you had when you got started. You know the excitement you had when the ideas were coming & you got great feedback from people you trust. You will surely need it during the slow periods of business.

2. Consistency is a major key -you have to show up even when it’s hard & you don’t feel like it.

3. Take a break if you have to- I preach self care. Sometimes you have to schedule your posts to have more time for yourself & family. A break doesn’t mean quitting all together. Some people take a break and never start back.

4. Remember why you started-don’t kill or let your dream die in a hard moment or a rough season, keep building!

5. Do more when time permits. This will help you build and grow. 2 hours a day x 7 days a week is 14 hours a week.... many of us work our 8-5’s 40 or more a week... (surely you can invest time into you and your own business).

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