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What’s your heart condition?

Your internal state matters What’s in your heart matters, your soul matters, the outside can sometimes confuse what’s on the inside! Be truthful inside & may it reflect on the outside! Who are you? your heart speaks by the acts you commit, by the way you treat people, by the way you speak, the way you love, and even in what you don’t say!

As a child growing up and even in the beginning years of my adult life many people always refer to me as someone with a good heart, sweet & kind until they become unhappy with a decision I made or words I spoke that they disliked or disagreed with. That for me sometimes caused me to hold inside what I sometimes felt. It caused me to keep things bottled up. It’s like I could hear my grandmother (God rest her soul) saying if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. It took some major things to happen in my life for me get my voice back. Then everybody says “ she done came out that shell”. How many of you know that when you keep things bottled up it can cause you to explode & have some unwanted feelings within?

Over the years I have realized that the enemy wants us to keep our mouths closed because what we have to say will help many others. The enemy wants to keep as many people in bondage as he can! So as you go about your life, be sure to monitor your heart condition. Don’t have a heart attack trying to please everyone else. Don’t say things because you are worried about someone taking offense. From experience we often times get offended by the things we are guilty of. None of us are perfect so don’t be fooled by those who claim to be. Don’t be so quick to cast stones because you are no longer in a sin that someone else may struggle with, instead use your story to help them get out & delivered. What good is saying you have a good heart yet you will not try to help those around you. Just because you do things publicly that the world can see, does not qualify you for having a good heart. When was the last time you privately prayed for someone’s healing & breakthrough? When was the last time that you called someone and offered your hand to help instead of asking for a favor/hand out? When was the last time?? If you cannot recall, it’s time to re-evaluate your hearts posture/ condition.

Your internal state matters. God is concerned with the condition of our hearts. John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth , give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled , neither let it be afraid. There is nothing more refreshing than to have a sincere love, joy & peace in your heart that the world did not give which means the world can’t take it away! I don’t know about you but I find great joy in not having it all in order to have peace! There are somethings that money can’t buy & one of them happens to be a good heart! You can’t fake a good heart, eventually what’s in your heart comes out of your mouth. I challenge you to work on you and identify those things that put you at risk of having a heart attack!

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