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Appreciate the small things!

Appreciating the small things.. sometimes we look at others and how they make life look so amazingly easy! When we don’t really know their story! People say he or she has it all together, when in reality you are fighting like hell to not have a breakdown. While many long for money, houses and cars there are some that long for peace. Peace in their minds, peace in there hearts, peace in their home. Truth be told we sometimes hold ourselves in bondage & captivity from our thoughts, actions and connections to those who are no good for us. Instead of dwelling on the relationship that did not work, think about the lessons & blessings that it taught you. In life we are faced with many situations that we overcome and that’s a lot to be thankful for! Don’t take life by chance, instead live by faith and on purpose. There is more work to do. Don’t spend valuable time and energy trying to get someone to see the good in you. If they cannot see who you truly are maybe they need their vision checked. I mean we all have flaws, but that’s a small thing that we will not maximize. We maximize our great qualities and uniqueness.

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