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It's Okay to Say!

Everybody is not interested in you or what you are doing. Please be okay with that! Years ago I thought my family & friends would and should support everything I did, until one day it came to me: I can’t be everything to everybody, I don’t have the money to support everything my friends & family are doing, nor do I have the time to go to every event! You are only one person. You cannot be in 2 places at one time unless you are in one place physically and another place spiritually & somewhere watching a live-stream! Once this concept is mastered a burden will be lifted! So it’s OK to say I will not be able to make it, it’s OK to say I do not have the finances to support, it’s OK to say I am not interested and it’s OK to say nothing at all.

Paths will separate and people will come and go. You will gravitate toward those who understand you and have a like mind. Accept that everyone has goals that may not include you, nothing personal-just life. Now let’s not twist things up you still reap what you sow. You do have to be there for others, however you have to pick, choose and prioritize. Be you and be okay with whatever you say and whatever you choose to do. You may not always like a decision nor will you always make the best or right decision. Whatever decision you choose is yours to make. In due time you will see the why of it all. Go forward remember it's OK to say!! What are you saying?

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