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I Voted today, did you??

Too often, we make choices that lead us in the direction of putting ourselves last. We have time for everything and everyone else, while putting ourselves last on the list. In 2019, this shouldn’t be so. We need to shift our perspective and realize that taking care of self is not selfish. Not selfish at all, although society has made it seem that way. Therefore, I challenge you, to vote for yourself even if no one else will.

Things you can do that can help with voting for yourself:

  • Choose positivity over negativity everyday

  • Be honest with yourself.

  • Learn how to say NO! (No is a complete sentence.)

  • Ask for help (if, needed)

  • Know when to stop and when to go and when to slow down

  • Takes steps in the direction of your dreams

Vote for you, vote for your happiness, for your joy, your dreams, your future. I’m not saying that you must forget everybody else, just don’t forget yourself. In your life you should be in the starring role and you should also be your biggest fan. You just have to step outside of what is comfortable and take steps toward the unfamiliar. It may be hard at first, but it’s doable.

I voted for myself today, did you??


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