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Small Beginnings

Everyone has a gift, everyone has a purpose. Not everybody knows what their gift is and the same goes for their purposes. Although this is true, you must start somewhere. The advice I give to others, is to go back to your childhood and think about things that you've done that don't require a lot of effort. Something that you in innately do. That thing could possibly be your gift or your purpose. Your job is the figure out what it is and how to use it here on earth.

Sometimes people want success quick, but sometimes quick success is not the best success. If you want to bask in greatness, you cannot despise small beginnings. We all must start somewhere, doesn't matter how small. Whatever you do don't get frustrated because your small can be big in the right hands, in the right mind, in the right atmosphere, in the right season, in the right place at the right time.

Small beginnings humble you and show you how far you’ve come and how much further you can go. Small is only small if you look at it that way. Greatness lies in your future; will you take the first step?


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