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A Heart to Give

By nature, I am a giver. I love giving because I love seeing people happy. I don't necessarily only give physical things, I give my time, my love, my energy and some times my resources. Another thing that I love about giving is the fact that whenever I give, I know it will come back to me. We've all heard the saying, "what goes around comes around", which I believe is true but now living life I realize that it doesn't always come back in the same form you gave it. An example could be, giving money to a friend and that money coming back to you in the form of someone paying for your meal or entrance to a concert.

Oprah once said something to the tune of....."I know I can buy any gift for myself, my friends and family also know I can buy any gift for myself, but just because I'm able to does not mean that I don't need the love that is behind any gift that others may give."

In other words, be a giver. If you can give, give. If you can love, love. If you can reach, reach. Come from out of your comfort zone and do unto others as you would like others to do unto you and watch how the world turn in your favor. At the end, it's all in the rule of reciprocity. You should try it!


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