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Meet Coach Sharron


Sharron Weeks is a Certified Life Coach, Woman of God, Mother of three, Inspirational Speaker , Aspiring author and a Encouragement Enthusiast Extraordinaire. Certified in personal and career life coaching. My ultimate goal is  getting to the heart of your life choices so that you can get the most out of life.


My name is Sharron Weeks I was born in Goldsboro, NC. The second oldest of four.   My life story is so unique which plays in the part of me being a life coach. I can empathize with others as well as understand where they came from.

I graduated college in 2012 with a degree in Hospitality Management. I am  certified in Business Entrepreneurship and trained in Christian discipleship. Although I recently received my Life Coach Certification January 2019, I have been coaching for several years. I am currently an educator in Wake County Public Schools  serving kindergartners with special needs. I  am a life long learner which serves me in my journey to serve others. The best thing about me is that I can be a student and a teacher at the same time.

My goal is to get you where you want to be, by pulling out of you what is already on the inside of you.  I am determined to take what you already have to make you and your life become something far greater than you’ve ever seen.

"You take the first step, the next steps we take them together, you don’t have to do this alone."

Love Coach Sharron

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